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14k CZ Bezel Item #CZ326

US coin Bezels

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Custom made 18 k solid gold Bezels are available for most of these styles.
Item # R165 Item # B165 Item # Imperial Item # TD165 Item # OC022 Item # S165

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Item # G Item # HO021 NOAH'S ARK Cleopatra
New Item
14 k gold
Victorian Bezel
Hearts Item # H165

14k gold Omega back Earrings


Onyx Jewelry



US Quarter set

US Eagle set
Protective 14k gold Coin Bezel Pendants

Ultra High Relief Double Eagle coin

Metal coin bezels Cuff links $399.00

Mini coin Bezels
Mini coin Bezels

Ladies 14 k coin ring $439.00
14k Solid Gold Rope Chain

Silver Rope Chain

Coin Bracelets
Sterling Silver Coin Bracelets

14k Figure 8

Sterling silver earring as low as $15.00

Screw back and Lever Back Silver Earring

New Items
Custom hand made
ancient plain coin bezels
Sterling silver Filigre
Coin Rings

14 k Eagle coin Rings SS Nickel ring
14k gold coin Cuff links Gold. Filled and
Silver coin bezels

Screw top 14 k
Gold coin bezels

Ancient coin bezels 3555
Sterling silver

Silver Bezels
for Gold Coins
14k gold Earrings 14k gold Earrings

14K solid gold  Bezel

SS Bezel
45.00 mm.

Cross Pendant

Lower Prices

Ball LeverBack

Tulip Leverback

Silver Coin

World Coin
Bezel Pendants

Rope #SSR024
On Special $13.00

DC Silver Bezels

Money Clip and
Tie Bars

Key chains
Lower Prices
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The coins are visible at the back of the Cuff Links, Earrings and Rings we Manufacture.
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