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Sealed Coin Edge Screw Top Bezel

Item # Price
US one Dollar coins SST-380 Unavailable
Available for 38.00 mm and 39.00 mm coins

Custom-made coin pendant
Sterling Silver Sealed Coin Pendant
- Individually Custom Hand-fitted for each coin
- Protective (crystal) glass on both sides of bezel
- Coin visible on both sides
- Your coin is fully protected
- Coin and Necklace are not included
- Available in 14K Yellow and White Gold
Allow 10 days for delivery

Sterling silver Screw top coin bezels and Money clip
(Coins not included)

Sterling silver screw type bezel money clip
US Silver Dollar money clip
Item # MC038 $00.00
US Silver Half Dollar money clip
Item # MC305 $00.00
(Coins not included)

Buffalo Nickel item #SSTN

14k solid gold Screw Top coin bezels

Sterling Silver Screw Top Coin-edge Bezels
Bails are included as shown in the picture above.

coin edge coin edge
US  Dime SSTD $20.00
US Penny SSTP $20.00
US Nickel (Buffalo Nickel) SSTN $21.00
US Quarter SSTQ  $21.00
US 1 Dollar Sacagawea and all golden dollar
SSTSA $24.00
US 1 Dollar SBA SSTSB $24.00
U S 1/2 Dollar
SSTJ $25.00
US 1 Dollar Morgan, Peace, all silver dollars SSTM $34.00
US 1 oz silver liberty coins (American Eagle) SSTL $36.00
American disable veteran commemorative silver dollar (Out of stock)
(Coins not included Bails are included)
To order Yellow alloy Bezels email your coin type, size and quantity.

Brass Yellow alloy bezels
Golden DollarItem Bezel Item #AL265
Penny Bezel item #AL019
Minimum order 25 Bezels (Any size)
Screw Top coin bezel pendant
Gold Filled coin edge and rope bezels

Sterling silver diamond cut rope chains

(.040) 2.00 MM 24" Item #S04-24
(.040) 2.00 MM 22" Item #S04-22
(.040) 2.00 MM 20" Item #S04-20

(.040) 2.00 MM 18" Item #S04-18
(.040) 2.00 MM 16" Item #S04-16
More S. Silver  Rope chains

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