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More Quarter size silver Bezels available at: Silver Bezels
(Coins not included)

US Dime silver bezel Item # SDC018 $13.00 (Out of stock)
US Quarter Item # SDC024 $15.00
US Half dollar Item # SDC305 $22.00
US Morgan Dollar Item #SDC038 $48.00
US 1 oz. American Eagle silver coin 1986 Present Item #SDC405 $50.00
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Sterling Silver Diamond Cut Coin Bezels for US Quarters.

Item # SDCS024 $15.00
Item # SDCZ024 $15.00
(Out of stock)
Item # SDCG024 $15.00
(Out of stock)
Item # SDCB024 $11.00
(Out of stock)

Item # SDCHS024 $15.00
(Out of stock)
Item # SDCH024 $16.00
(Out of stock)
Item # SDCTD024 $16.00
(Out of stock)
Item # SRDC024 $13.00

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(Silver ingot not included)
Sterling Silver Link Bezel (18.25mm x 30.45mm)
Item # Price for 1
Silver 5 gram bar Diamond cut Bezel (Available) SDCL-5
All the quarter size Bezels on this page are Available in smooth edge
Bails are included as shown.

Item # SZ024 $15.00
On Special $13.00
More Quarter size Bezels available at: http://www.bezels.com/sstd.htm

(Coins not included)

Our Prong Bezels will hold your coin securely until you reopen the tabs.
The bezels has no screws, so no screws will become loose, preventing the loss of your coin.
Your coin is securely held in place.

Sterling silver diamond cut rope chains

(.040) 2.00 MM 24" Item #S04-24
(.040) 2.00 MM 22" Item #S04-22
(.040) 2.00 MM 20" Item #S04-20

(.040) 2.00 MM 18" Item #S04-18
(.040) 2.00 MM 16" Item #S04-16
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