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Prices are for bezels only, (coins not included).
Below are some samples of Custom Hand-made coin Bezels.
Silver Bezels shown are not high polished.
Silver Bezels are hand-finished to match color of the coin.

Oxidized Bezels are also available for ancient coins.

Sterling Silver Rope Bezel
US Quarter Item #SSR024 $15.00
US Nickler Item #SSR215 $14.00
US Dime
Item #SSR018 $12.00

  Sterling silver Filigree
US Dime coin Item (SF018) $11.00
US Quarter coin Item (SF024) $13.00

Sterling silver Imperial
US Dime coin Item #SZ018 $12.00
US Penny coin Item #SZ019 $12.00
US Quarter coin Item #SZ024 $15.00
Coin not included 

Custom Hand-made Ancient Coin Bezels
14K solid gold Item ANC-AN
$299.00 up to 22.00 mm coin

Custom Hand-made Ancient Coin Bezels
14K solid gold Item ANC-A
$359.00 up to 30.00 mm coin

Custom made Ancient Coin 4 or 3 prong Bezels
14K solid gold Bezel Item #ANC-1
$179.00 up to 22.00x2.00mm coin
Custom made ancient coin 4 or 3 prong bezels
Silver Bezel Item #SANC-2
$79.00 up to 20.00x2.00mm coin

14k gold Bezel Item #PCG
Silver Bezel Item #PCS

Custom Hand-made
14 k solid gold
Item #OCANC $499.00
14k Solid Gold bezel
US half Dollar 14 k solid gold bezel
Item # TD305 $459.00

Custom-made Sterling Silver Coin Bezel
Protective  crystal glass on both sides of bezel
Silver Up to 20.00x2.00mm coin  $99.00
14k gold
Up to 20.00x2.00mm coin  $199.00
(Coins not included Bails are included)
To order Yellow alloy Bezels email your coin type, size and quantity.

14k Solid Gold bezel
Golden Dollar Item #B265
Penny Bezel Item #B190

Yellow alloy bezels
Golden Dollar Bezel
Item # AL265 $5.00
Penny Bezel
Item # AL019 $4.00

Sterling silver bezel
Golden Dollar Item #SB265 $13.00
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This Item is available for Ancient coins
measuring 21.0 to 23.0 mm

Ancient Style Glass Protected Coin Bezel Pendant
- Ancient Style 14K gold coin bezel
- Custom made bezel encased with Protective Glass
- Coin visible on both sides
- No Prongs come in contact with your coin
- No Screws involved providing a tighter fit

Other sizes available
14K White gold add $15.00
1/4 oz. American Eagle 2202 $229.00
$5 Liberty Half Eagle
2159 $229.00
$5 Indian Head
2169 $229.00
1/4 oz. Chinese Panda 2195 $229.00
1/4 oz. So. African Krugerrand 2200 $229.00
1  English Sovereing (One Pound) 2220 $229.00
20 French Francs Angel gold coin
2110 $229.00
20 French Francs Rooster gold coin
2111 $229.00
1/5 oz. Isle of man (1/5 Crown) 1988 to date 2201 $229.00

Harry Potter 1 Crown Silver coin
Item # SB387
Sterling silver bezel
Item # SB305
Sterling silver bezel
Item # (SB385)
US half Dollar 14 k solid gold bezel
Item # TD305
Stering silver bezel Item # SF180
14k solid gold bezel Item # TD023
Also available: Sterling silver Item TDS230

Isle of man Harry Potter 1 Crown proof Silver coin
14k solid gold bezel Item # B387
Silver Bezel Item #SB387 $27.00
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Sterling silver bezel only Item # MSB380
Sterling silver bezel Item # MSB345
Sterling silver bezel Item # MSB270

Sterling silver Bezel $19.50 Canadian 3 Pence Stamp Item # 3PC
Prices are for bezels only, (coins not included).
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No returns or exchanges on coins, Screw tope bezels, Special Orders or Custom-made items.
Bezels with bent prongs are not accepted on returns.
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